Parents cannot let guards down after turning on Disney and Netflix shows

Parents might think they can take a break by turning on a kid’s Netflix or Disney+ show for their children, but these shows are often introducing and reinforcing progressive ideas to the future of America. Sometimes the introductions and reinforcements are subtle and at other times they are blatantly obvious.

Buster the Bus is the smallest, youngest, yellow bus in town. Buster and his other vehicle friends like Terry the Tractor are eager to learn with a cheeky sense of fun and a can do attitude. When he finds himself in close scrapes his courage and bravery will help save the day. Follow Buster learn about being cleaned in the car wash, rescuing his friends from the storm and even how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Description of “Go Buster” on Netflix

The description of “Go Buster” sounds innocent and worthy of a watch, right? The description even mentions Christmas. Well, not so fast.

When the writers of a kid’s television show are placing surgical masks on vehicles because the vehicles were exposed to COVID-19 and don’t want to spread the virus to others, you know the indoctrination efforts have reached an insane level.

List the examples of indoctrination you have found while watching or reading content made for children in the comment section. Liberty Journal will provide additional examples in the coming weeks.